List Blog Post Template.

Countdowns, rankings, and lists are popular among readers, and your blog team can take advantage of this by creating list posts.

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When you plan your list post content in advance, it will:

tick-icon Ensure the Post gets Attention 
tick-icon Enhance Consistency.
tick-icon Provide better SEO Optimisation.
tick-icon Streamline Collaboration.

Suitable for every Stage of the Buyer's Journey


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Plan and brief your List post with this free template.


Countdowns, rankings, and lists are popular among readers, and your blog team can take advantage of this by creating list posts. These blog posts consist of a list of examples, resources, or tips related to a topic that your readers will find interesting or useful. The number of items on the list can range from as low as three to as high as 100+, but the most common range is between five and 20.

One of the benefits of using lists in blog posts is that it is suitable for every stage of the buyer's journey. For instance, a digital marketing agency can create an awareness post called "The 10 Social Media Trends Your Company Can't Ignore" and a decision stage post titled "3 Qualities to Look For in a Marketing Agency" and achieve success with both.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a list post?

A list post, is a type of blog post that presents information in the form of a list. It typically includes a numbered list of items, examples, tips, or resources related to a specific topic. 

How do I create a list post using your template?

Step 1: Download Lighthouse's List Post Template.


Step 2: Choose the topic for your list post.


Step 3: Fill in the provided fields with the content requirements.


Step 4: Share the template with your content creators or use it to guide your own writing process.

Is your list post template free to use?

Yes, our list post template is completely free to use. We believe in sharing valuable resources to help enhance your content creation process.

What should a list post include?

A list post should include a clear and concise introduction, a numbered list of items related to the topic, and a conclusion summarising key points or providing additional insights. Each list item should be informative and engaging, offering value to the reader.

Why do I need to provide information to access the template?

We ask for your information to provide you with a better browsing experience and to send you relevant resources and information that may be of interest to you. Rest assured, we prioritise the security and privacy of your personal information.

How can I customise the list post template for my organisation?

Start by downloading our pre-built list post template and then customise it to fit your organisation's specific needs. You can adjust the formatting, add or remove sections, and tailor the content requirements to align with your publication's style and goals.

Who's this template for?

SEO Specialists
They use the brief to identify target keywords, optimise meta tags, and plan internal linking strategies

Writers & Editors.
They rely on the content brief to understand the topic, objectives, and structure of the content.

The brief guides them on the visual elements , infographics, videos, images etc required.

Project Managers
Overseeing the list post project, ensuring it stays on track, meets deadlines, and aligns with the overall content strategy.

Marketing Teams.
Professionals responsible for promoting the list page and integrating it into broader marketing campaigns.

Responsible for ensuring that external sources are cited, and the content complies with legal and ethical guidelines.


Download the List Blog Post Template.

Manage and plan your list post content creation with a handy briefing guide and template.


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