The right toolkit, a little knowhow and anyone can boost SEO. 

Let's make sure search engines find (and favour) your site - Four steps. A clear scope. Upfront price. No surprises.

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Why? It's SEO not rocket science!

Yes, there are some strategic and technical inputs like keyword research and web performance, that help to build a wider SEO strategy. But, in the main, if you know your subject (which, of course, you do) with the right toolkit and a little knowhow, there are some remarkably simple and very effective SEO boosting steps that can be taken by web editors at the point of creating content.

Here's a few common SEO mistakes that can be fixed by Content Editors (and Rocket Scientists):
Icons | 4xx errors
4xx errors

4xx codes mean that a page is broken and cannot be reached.

Icon | Broken internal links
Broken internal links

That's links that take users to pages on your website that aren't there (or aren't working).

Icon | Broken external links
Broken external links

Links taking users to non-existent pages on other sites, sending negative signal to search engines.

Icon | Duplicate title tags
Duplicate title tags and meta descriptions

Two or more pages with the same titles and descriptions.

Icon |  Missing meta descriptions
Missing meta descriptions

Meta descriptions help Google understand relevance and encourage users to click your result.

Icon | Missing ALT attributes
Missing ALT attributes

Without ALT tags image relevance is lost to search engines and visually impaired users.

Icons | Duplicate H1 tags
Duplicate H1 tags and title tags

The same title tags on more than one page looks over-optimised (and suggests missed opportunities).

Icons | Incorrect pages in sitemap
Incorrect pages found in sitemap.xml

Your sitemap.xml should not contain broken pages redirect chains and non-canonical pages.

Sound like rocket science to you? Don't panic its really not.
In fact, by the end of this process your team will have all the tools, knowledge and inspiration they need.  Ready to get the SEO ball rolling?

A one-off, fixed price search (SEO) boost.

Four steps. A clear scope. Upfront price. No surprises - Here's what we do...


1. The SEO audit.

You can't fix problems that you don't know about. So, we start with an SEO audit that tells us how well your website is currently performing in search and what can be improved. We provide you with a benchmark report which we then use as the baseline for our optimisations.

2. We take care of the fundamentals...

There are some SEO fundamentals that, quite simply, should be in place on any website. But, more often than not, as mentioned above, they are forgotten (or overlooked). Armed with the SEO audit report, our next step is to implement these fundamental solutions and automate some fallbacks, just in case they continue to be overlooked. 

Icon | Automate fallback Titles & Meta Descriptions
Automate fallback Titles & Meta Descriptions

Making sure users understand your website’s pages when they appear in search results.

Icon | Leverage Social Media
Leverage Social Media

Control and optimise how your website appears when shared on social platforms.

Icon | Add Schema Support
Add Schema Support

This tells Search Engines what types of content you offer and helps them display it better.

Icon | Automate cross-linking
Automate cross-linking

Create a policy that finds keywords matching pages on your website and automatically links them.

Automate Sitemap & Crawler updates
Automate Sitemap & Crawler updates

This tells google what to look for, where it is and sends automated updates when it changes.

Icon | Broken link scanning
Broken link scanning and notifications

Nobody likes a 404 page (Google included)! This lets you know if and where there are broken links.

Once implemented, these solutions will keep working away in the background. So, you can focus on creating content. Ready to get the ball rolling?

3. We set up your toolkit, reports and notifications.

You are creating content, posting, editing and updating regularly (hopefully). And, with the best will in the world content editors and administrators can do things that hinder search optimisation. To combat this, we'll furnish your team with the tools and information to identify, understand and improve their impact on SEO. 

Icon | SEO Dashboard
SEO Dashboard

Single unified view of your SEO status with quick access to actionable insights.

Icon | Analytics Dashboard
Admin Analytics Dashboard.

Google Analytics information available to editors and content creators at the point of creation.

Icon | Automated SEO Checkups
Automated SEO Checkups

Daily, weekly or monthly checkups and reports.

Icons | Sitemap & Crawler Checkups
Sitemap & Crawler Checkups

Schedule or run a scan, check the last site crawl and what's indexed.

Icon | SEO Recommendations
Automated SEO Recommendations

No more guesswork and wasted effort that doesn’t bring the desired results.

Icon | One Click Content Analysis
One Click Content Analysis

One click review of each page or content update with recommendations based on the target keywords.

4. Last but not least. We teach your team to SEO.

Okay, we're not going to cover more advanced disciplines like keyword research and analysis or technical SEO (that requires developers). But, we will guide your team through each of the tools above, let them know what the information is telling them, help them avoid costly mistakes and have a positive impact your website SEO - all at the point of creating content.

After this your team will be able to...

tick-icon  Identify SEO issues. And, fix them.
tick-icon  See how their efforts are improving SEO.
tick-icon  Create content that positively impacts SEO.
tick-icon  Build a rocket...Okay perhaps not!

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£1,920 (+VAT)

Includes everything above, for a one-off fixed price. With zero ongoing commitment.


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